Uniform Solutions for Crew and Guests

The CALM label was launched by luxury yacht clothing consultancy Crew à la Mode, our sister company. If you are looking to purchase uniform for your crew and guests, we recommend you visit www.crewalamode.com as we do not supply direct to yachts from this website.

The Crew à la Mode experts can distribute the CALM ready-to-wear uniform directly to yachts and you will receive the best price and most premium service. Crew à la Mode also offer brand supplier sourcing and specialise in working with clients to design bespoke and customised uniforms.

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More About Crew à la Mode

Yacht clothing consultancy and outfitter specialist, Crew à la Mode, is a key supplier of the world’s most luxurious crew clothing. Working with prestigious clients all over the globe, they produce the most hard-working, premium performance wear that complements the ethos of each specific brand or interior.

Be it for super yachts, premium hotels, personal residences, aviation fleets or private jets, for the past 10 years Crew à la Mode have been experts in delivering cohesive, contemporary crew uniforms that are second to none.
Crew à la Mode launched CALM to extend their offering, yet they still remain our distributor, meaning all our CALM collections are on hand as ready-to-wear uniform solutions when demanding deadlines are in place.

Based in London and hosting a Palma de Mallorca showroom, Crew à la Mode can also aid you with Designer Collaborations, Customisation, Stewardess Services, Bespoke Sourcing, Graphic Design, Budget Management, Project Planning, Storage Solutions and so much more.

So whether you require a complete crew uniform from our seasonal CALM offering, are tempted by a unique designer collaboration for your capsule collection, or simply want to customise elements of your uniform for day or for evening, Crew à la Mode can find the most suitable solution for you.

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